Recap of Mobilism 2013


Last week I attended the 2013 edition of Mobilism which, in short, was pretty awesome. Below is a quick summary of what was presented to help you decide on what’s interesting for you to watch. I’ve also added some of the notes I jotted down.

The common theme running through all talks was that in order to create the beautiful, fast and maintainable webpages of tomorrow we need to embrace content structure and put it at the core of our web dev process.

Day 1

Dave Shea - Responsive Anti Patterns

Video of Dave Shea’s talk

Stephen Hay – Revenge of the Web

Video of Stephan Hay’s talk

Anna Debenham – Console Browsers

Video of Anna Debenham’s talk

John Cleveley – Scale and adept, BBC

Video of John Cleveley’s talk

Remy Sharp – I know jQuery, now what?

Video of Remy Sharp’s talk

Cennydd Bowles – Context, bloody context

Video of Cennydd Bowles’ talk

Max Firtman – Breaking Limits on Mobile HTML5

Video of Max Firtman’s talk

Josh Clark – Beyond Mobile

Video of Josh Clark’s talk

Day 2

Derek Featherstone – Doing responsive right

Video of Derek Featherstone’s talk

Peter-Paul Koch – Developing for Touch

Video of Peter-Paul Koch’s talk

Mat Marquis – Responsible responsive images

Video of Mat Marquis’ talk

Martin Kool – A successful cross-platform HTML5 game

Video of Martin Kool’s talk

Guy Podjarny – The Internet Observatory

Video of Guy Podjarny’s talk

Rob Hawkes – WebRTC

Video of Rob Hawkes’ talk

Sara Wachter-Boettcher – Designing with and for existing content

Jake Archibald – Rendering Without Lumpy Bits

Rik Schennink

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