Rik Schennink

Web enthusiast



I’m Rik a creative front-end engineer living on this 2D plane people call The Netherlands.

I tweet about things I find on the web and things I find of it. When my thoughts exceed 140 characters I like to take a little time and write them down. I’ve written for Smashing Magazine and hope to be contributing some more articles in the near future.

I love to push HTML, CSS and JavaScript to their limits and share results on Dribbble and CodePen. I maintain a couple of active repositories on GitHub and have created ConditionerJS to better deal with responsive web functionality. I sell web components on CodeCanyon which pushes me to research new tech, experiment with marketing techniques and interact with fellow developers of all kinds.

The growing device landscape is reshaping the web so fast the industry can barely keep up. I’m super excited about this and I hope you are too!

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